Heating, Cooling and Electrical

With over 22 years in the residential and commercial heating and cooling industry, I have countless hours of experience servicing, troubleshooting, replacing and commissioning large complex mechanical components and systems. Add in my relentless drive for customer service and you can be certain I will present sensible solutions with you and your home in mind. Please see below for some of my standard service pricing. For any call I will have a minimum service charge of two hours which can be credited towards the repair. This will allow me diagnose the problem onsite and provide a quote for repair.

**These are to serve as an estimate only and the price can vary slightly depending on the price and availability of the replacement part. If universal or standard parts can be used then the price shown will be more accurate**

Hourly Rate $65.00/hour

Hot Surface Ignitor &250
Draft Inducer Motor (80% efficient) $475
Blower Motor replacement $600
High efficiency ECM Blower Motor Upgrade $1100
Circuit Board Replacement $800
Compressor replacement $1600
Condenser fan replacement $500
Contactor replacement $350